There's no place like Ann Arbor, Michigan. Yummy food, great shopping, even better ice cream shops... There is a heaven. Today, I did some shopping and splurged on a couple items. I hate spending over $50 on a single item, but, it had to be done on this vacation. I will definitely be posting about the items I recently purchased in a future post. I stopped by the pizzeria Pieology. I got a custom 11 inch pizza. I got a normal cheese pizza with spinach on top and it was amazing. We also stopped for ice cream at Ben & Jerry's. It was just too much to eat, but, I can never say no to ice cream.

My outfit I am wearing is so comfy and perfect for a day spent shopping. It is easy to take off and on in a dressing room. My flamingo t-shirt is from Wildfox. My shorts are from Abercrombie, and I'm wearing my black and white adidas originals