The cutest place to have mini photoshoots is Downtown Howell, Michigan, I swear. I've been having  so much fun on my little trip. Although, by the time my Michigan posts are up, I'll be back home in Florida. This is one of my favorite outfits because it's something I typically wouldn't wear. I've been venturing out of my comfort zone of clothing lately. For example, I used to never wear colors or patterns, everything was very plain. Now, I love paisley prints, bright colors, but you get the point (although, I still love plain black and white clothes). 

This off-the-shoulder crop top is from LuLu's. When I saw it online, I fell in love with it and didn't care if I would never figure out how to wear it- it was just pretty to look at. My sunglasses are from Forever21, but are no longer available. Here are others I found. I love them because they are Dior Technos dupes, and I love finding dupes (especially on items that are trends because they may go out of style soon and I don't have that kind of money!!). My white denim skirt is from Abercrombie and Fitch. My espadrilles are from Kohl's (I know right? So cute!). And of course, my purse is the one and only, Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac.