Yesterday was my 21st birthday and it was such a blast! My friends took me out to dinner and the food was amazing. We're going to continue the celebration this weekend because why not? I wore this pastel dainty dress with some cool chunky heels, it was the perfect birthday outfit.

I've had my eyes on this dress for so long. It finally went on sale on so I had to have it. The pattern is so unique and I love how deep the neckline is. I wore it with my new favorite heels from Gold Morning. I love this brand because the creator of the brand is a small business owner in Florida and I admire her taste in fashion. These heels have a cool cut-out pattern and a huge chunky heel. Unfortunately, they are no longer available. So, I'll link a similar pair herehere, and here. I also threw on some sunglasses to hold back my hair and because it was also super sunny out.