If you're struggling to find a costume, just look in your closet for some school girl pieces and you can be your favorite character from Gossip Girl or Clueless!
For my first costume, I am Cher Horowitz from Clueless. All you need is a yellow plaid skirt, a white top, and knee high socks. To accessorize, I found some shopping bags because when is Cher not shopping? I found my skirt and socks at Forever21 and this long sleeve sweater at H&M. And, I paired those with the all-white Adidas that I already have.

To be Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl, all you need is a fancy blouse, a plaid school skirt, cute shoes, and a statement headband. I found all of my clothes at Forever21. I grabbed a Starbucks coffee and headed over to sit on the highest stairs like Queen B. All you need now is to make sure that you perfect the sass and hair-flip of a true Upper East Sider.
Blouse. Plaid Skirt. Over the knee boots. Headband