The answer to that is no, I don't listen to Led Zeppelin. It's a cool tee, though.

I decided to dress up an outfit that is typically taken as a casual, everyday look. It was a lot of fun exploring what kind of clothing pieces can go with other items. Pairing different clothes together can change what kind of look they give each other based on their combinations. Most people wouldn't grab their strappiest and chunkiest heels they have and pair them with boyfriend-fit, cropped jeans. Though, I saw something that no one did. And I thought, it was a genius idea to add these strappy heels to this outfit.
My heels are from Missguided. They were an impulse purchase but I don't regret it. My jeans are Urban Renewal Vintage Levi's from Urban Outfitters. I paired it with a black belt in order to add some definition to my waist. I pulled my hair back into a curled, high ponytail. I also threw on some silver aviators and a black choker along with feminine earrings from Urban Outfitters to make this casual look into an edgy one.