I always find myself snapping pictures of things all around me that I find inspiring. I love being creative and having some sort of outlet to express myself. That's why I created my blog.

I started blogging in high school but I never told anyone, not even my family. I thought I would be made fun of or people would think I was strange for taking pictures of myself. The way I view blogging is kind of like how others view art. I love the way fashion describes you as a person, your mood, your views, really everything.

Style is so adventurous to me and that is why I like blogging. And, as much as people say what you wear doesn't matter, it always will. We always judge a book by its cover, we were raised that way, in every aspect of life like school and work. We are told to present ourselves in a certain way, but fashion is the way we can express our style. It may be out of the ordinary or it could be conforming to what society thinks you should wear. But we might as well have fun with what we wear since we gotta wear clothes, right? And that shouldn't be taken in a negative way, the way we dress shouldn't be sexualized or judged for wearing men's clothing or women's clothing or for wearing "strange" pieces.

Not everyone will like the clothes someone else is wearing. Sometimes, I look back and think what was I wearing and why did I ever buy that? But, that is what makes fashion fun. Exploring different styles and stepping out of your comfort zone to figure out what looks best on you. 

I created this blog because I, myself, don't know my own style. I love creating new looks and playing around with what supermodels and other celebrities or even what people at my school are wearing. Fashion is not meant to be superficial. It's meant to be fun and exploratory.