Here's to a new adventure.

The Glorietta Bay Inn has an old fashioned sense about it. The beautiful marble floors, the glassed small sun room, and a baby grand piano. I stayed at this hotel on Coronado Island and across the bridge is San Diego, CA. It's a beautiful place to be; large crashing waves, cloudless days, and friendly people.

The dress I am wearing is from Forever21, they have been up-ing their game, especially with their boutique section online. I am in love with this dress, when I saw it online, it reminded me of Billy Idol White Wedding. The tule sleeves are to die for. My shoes are also from Forever21 and I thought they gave this classy look a little bit of edge and bohemian vibe.

My first day in California we visited the San Diego Zoo. It was a must since it is one of the best zoos in the world. The animals were beautiful, although I feel bad for the animals living in cages instead of in the wild. But it's so cool how they take an endangered animal and build their population.

Afterwards, we got lunch and since I'm vegetarian we stopped at a vegan fast food place and I got a veggie burger and it was AMAZING! We then went to In N' Out Burger for my sister and dad.
For dinner, my dad went off with his co-workers, since this was his business trip that my sister and I tagged along on. My sister and I went to this amazing Italian restaurant called Buona Forchetta. I found it online while Googling "what to do in San Diego". The website also recommended a vegan place called Kindred, however I didn't think my sister would like it because she loves hamburgers. Luckily for me, the two places were right across the street from each other! So we hung out at Kindred, which turned out to be a bar, a really really cool bar might I add, while waiting a half hour for dinner. I would highly recommend both places, great service with awesome food and drinks.
PS. The bathroom at the Buona Forchetta had pictures of Anna Wintour and Madonna on the toilet, so that was interesting!