Can I live here please? I mean in the ocean, like a mermaid.

Today my sister and I traveled high and low to get to this place, La Jolla, just kidding it was about a half hour away. We drove from Coronado Island through San Diego. Once we got to La Jolla we drove to the very top of the island and then down to the waterside. The trip was filled with the most beautiful views and lots of sea lions. I've never been to an ocean front as beautiful as this.

After exploring for a little while, we decided to head for lunch. We went to this movie theater that had a high end restaurant, it was the nicest theater I've ever been to! It was called The Lot.

My t-shirt and jeans are both from Topshop, I got them while I was shoppin' around San Diego. Again, I wore those white sneakers from Aldo, they had zero traction while climbing the rocks in La Jolla, so as you could imagine I was struggling quite a bit.