"Fashions fade, style is eternal"- Yves Saint Laurent 
Rodeo Drive, do not go down this road unless you want to feel poor and like everything you wear is rags. This is a street filled with huge luxury stores that most under paid college students cannot afford. Everywhere I looked I would see a G-Wagon and even a Buggati drive past me. However this road is GOALS so if you're someone who loves fashion like me, this was motivational walk down the street and hopefully one day I'll be shopping here with my Real Housewives homies. For now, you'll find me at Forever21.

This morning before all the shopping, I worked out at Soul Cycle. It was awesome and so upbeat. I honestly wouldn't mind waking up every morning to sweat like this, it's so different than other workouts I've done, and you know me, I love trying new things. I think California is my dream place.