"Happiness is the secret to all beauty. There is no beauty without happiness" Christian Dior
For some reason I had a hard time styling this basic t-shirt. I wore it with boyfriend jeans and it was cute, but I felt frumpy and with skinny jeans it was boring. I remembered I had this black pleated skirt (yes, like the cheerleaders) and BAM, that's how you make an outfit! Isn't it funny how you can never figure out how to wear something but your closet is filled with so many clothes? I always have that problem, hence my shopping addiction.
While I was in California I utilized the TopShop available to me since there are none near me in Florida. I got this t-shirt there and it's so soft and it looks similar to the $550 Gucci t-shirt so I decided this was the more rational option. My skirt is from Forever21. They have better options for trendy pieces that aren't going to be around for long (but wait, how long have these cheer skirts been in style? Correct me if I'm wrong but the Pink Ladies in Grease wore pleated skirts). I'm also wearing these Nike Cortez Sneakers that give a sporty look.