"You can have anything you want, if you dress for it" Lauren Hutton

Growing up, adulting, working in the real world. It's hard and you have to dress professionally, but why not still try to have fun with what you wear? Unfortunately, I made the mistake in thinking I had to go straight for "adult" or "mature" looking clothes and ended up spending a lot on clothes I never wear. I found out that Zara actually has the most stylish, affordable, and appropriate looking work clothes that you can wear in and out of work. I try to make my 9-5 office job more fun by spicing up what I wear. 

I've been having a lot of fun trying to find my "office" or "work" style. It is much more different than what I'm used to wearing, but fashion is all about trying new things and making it your own. I have been incorporating my style into my work wardrobe and slowly but surely, I've created a good amount of basics. 

I took this girly ruffle top from Zara and paired it with these flared culottes.This top is one of my favorites because of the pattern, there are mermaids on it! Here is a similar top from Zara. I love these lace up heels from Misguided. They would not work on a normal work day, since I work 8 hour days. Plus, they are too dressed up to actually wear to some work places. When I wear this to work I normally wear black flats. Here , here, and here, are some alternate options for the shoes I'm wearing.