“I have always believed that fashion was not only to make women more beautiful, but also to reassure them, give them confidence.” — Yves Saint Laurent
Something I am very passionate about that I strive to do on my blog is focus on positivity and confidence. When you focus on those two characteristics happiness will follow. I love using my blog as a creative outlet because it gives me the confidence of being myself. Fashion has given me something to be passionate about. In-between school, work, exercise, going out with friends, fashion has given something to only me. It's something so individual and that means something different to every person. To me it means creating, inspiring, and adventure. It probably means more to me than those three words, but that's what I thought of at the top of my head. I'll always have to be present in the real world, but fashion and my blog give me a fantasy world, where I can do whatever I want. 

In this shoot I traveled all the way back home to Michigan. Hurricane Irma evacuation turned into a vacation. I scored this knot crop top from the Zara sale (and now sold out). My jeans are also from Zara, unfortunately, full price. When evacuating Florida I only brought one nice outfit or else I would have brought my whole closet. It's stressful trying to decide what to bring with you to evacuate, knowing your home could be destroyed (along with all your clothes). Thankfully, the hurricane did not affect my home as bad as we thought and only suffered minimal damages. I hope all of Florida is safe now and back into the swing of things.