“I like my money right where I can see it: hanging in my closet.” Carrie Bradshaw 
I've been loving red lately. It enhances any outfit. Accessories are always hard for me to shop for because I don't use them often. I find a couple things I like and I stick with them until they break. Sometimes, it's good to mix up your style and try some new trends so, that's what I did here.  I added red accessories to this look because they can be added and removed as I please. This red bucket bag is super cool. The shape is so unique and outgoing. The same with the sunglasses I'm wearing, super unique and fun. These sunnies are cat-eye style and they add edge to this girly outfit. This LBD is so cute and perfect for any occasion. I dressed it down with my white All Saint sneakers. Although, I could add heels if I wanted to wear this look at a more formal occasion. My favorite part of this simple dress is the tied knot on the back of the dress (click the link to see the back). My sunglasses and bag are sold out on TopShop.  

Here are similar red cat eye sunglasses. If you want to splurge these glasses are so cute!
Here and here are similar red bags.